About thinkBox  Library

We have a huge collection of books, toys and CDs for all age group.There are over 7500+ children's books spanning various genres and age groups. We, at thinkBox, believe that learning resources come in various forms: periodicals, toys, multi-media discs and you will find a wide variety of all these in our library.

thinkBox promotes reading as a pleasurable and fulfilling activity so that the children always look forward to reading and more reading... thinkBox has exciting reading nooks, furniture and fixtures to appeal to children of all ages.

thinkBox provides a platform for children to express their creativity through art and craft workshops. We conduct fun workshops such as story telling, book club, drama club, etc. These give the children a new outlook to books and encourage the habit of reading.

thinkBox was just the kind of place I was looking for, for my toddler. It caters to the youngest of emerging readers with a good collection of board books, pop-up books, CDs, toys and puzzles. It is also an activity hub that holds informative professional discussions and activities for all age groups of children.

thinkBox library has quite a variety of books, games and CDs for children of different age groups. It's run by a dedicated,enthusiastic and friendly team led by Ms. Bhakti, who takes personal interest in satisfying the reading and developmental needs of the members. There are also many exciting activities and lively clubs that happen at the library. If you have a toddler, the play area is a must visit. We`ve been members of thinkbox since the last six years and our children simply enjoy their visits to the library!