Activities at thinkBox  Library

At thinkBox library we have lots of fun filled activities and clubs for children as well as parents. As we have kids age 1 year to 16 years and moms, we try and cater to all age groups with age appropriate activities which are fun and also fulfilling.

  • Youngest of our member can participate in Rhythm & Rhyme which is music and movement program for infants & toddlers.
  • We have Story Telling sessions, where our story tellers enthrals kids and parents alike.
  • We have Book club, Creative writing workshops and Drama & Tales club to bring out the literary side of the kids into lime light. They also write their own script and enact and put up a stage show for parents and other members of the library.
  • To hone your child’s creativity, we have array of craft sessions like paper quilling, cookie art, bead work, popcorn art, candy craft, glass painting, etc. We have regular Art classes for the kids and parents.
  • Passport to the world, will take our young members globe-trotting to experience rich history and geography of different countries. On their journey they learn phrases in local language, meet famous personalities, make a native craft or cook up a local dish.
  • We have standalone workshops on cooking and baking to bring out the culinary skills in our little chefs.
  • A graphology session aims at improving kids’ handwriting in a scientific manner and helping them gain confidence. Graphologist also provides hand writing analysis and improvement sessions for adults
  • To improve scientific temper of the kids we have lots of hands on activities in science. Science is best learned when you can experiment on your own. They cover wide range of topics from simple basic concepts to robotics.
  • For the holistic development of children we have child counsellor making kids communicate their emotions in fun and easy way in the EQ club.