About Us

About Us

Welcome to ThinkBox Children's Library

ThinkBox Children's Library was conceptualized in 2005 by Bhakti Shah, after she searched high and dry for a library. She wanted a child friendly library for her son where he could borrow books and toys. The fear of failure held her back for a few years until one day, in the summer of 2008, she found the courage. ThinkBox is a pioneer in its space and has served the community with dedication for many years.

ThinkBox Children's Library is a social venture. It is a self sustaining and not for profit library. The library fees goes towards building the library and helping people set up their own libraries in small villages and towns. Together we can make India Read.

We have now built a wonderful family of bookworms. Each child is unique and we understand the challenge of finding that one book which will make them fall in love with reading. But with close to 10,000 books and periodicals, we are sure that your child will find that book here. We will be honoured to partner with you and raise a happy reader, a page turner!

At ThinkBox we also know that activities play an important part in your child's formative years. We partner with some of the best in the industry to bring to you, activities like storytelling, book clubs, science clubs, drama clubs, arts and crafts sessions and many more. This supplements a child's classroom learning perfectly.